That’s the title for Max Gordon’s new adventure in Danger Zone2 - I hope you like it.

I’m busy doing a final edit of ICE CLAW, making sure that it’s as thrilling and exciting as The Devil’s Breath - and to go over the secret code again that Max has to crack. Sayid Khalif, his best friend, plays a crucial role in this book. ICE CLAW will be published in June/July 2008.

Various editions of The Devil’s Breath are already being published around the world in different languages and it’s now confirmed that the USA is publishing in September 2008. So, looking forward to saying hi to a whole new bunch of readers and friends for Max.

I went to London last Monday - which is why this blog is a bit late - to begin discussions for the cover with Tom, who put together such a great cover for The Devil’s Breath. Then up to Edinburgh to see if my idea of beginning Book3 there (which at the moment is called Crystal Skull) was going to work. Not sure that it is at the moment. I went on the underground tour and couldn’t see how Max could be put in sufficient danger. But, I have got the opening lines of book3 already burning a hole in my brain.

I love Edinburgh and at this time of the year it’s their Winter Festival. Great fun. Ferris wheel, fairground, ice skating in Princes Gardens and a German market with so much lovely grub I’m sure I’ve put on weight. Just as well I did the long climb up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle (and there’s a great veggie cafe on the way, so more eating of delicious food) to burn off the calories.

Flew back to Exeter on a twin prop plane - a Dash8 - and we hit turbulence from the huge jet stream that’s been swirling miles high around UK. 100 mph winds made it a bit bumpy - and reminded me of when I was in the Paras. The Hercules C130 pilot would take us paras, loaded down with parachutes and kit, on low-level ‘combat’ flights. 500 feet high, ducking and weaving and then a big lift to our jump height. By which time we we all gagging, sweating and desperate to jump out of this ‘vomit machine.’

That’s a bit how it felt last night except they wouldn’t open the doors and let me out! Maybe it’s time to give everyone parachutes when they fly.

More next week!