A Spellbinding Award

A Spellbinding Award

Another nomination for The Devil’s Breath, which is great news.

Cumbria School Library Service’s Spellbinding Award, is a regional award voted for by children from across Cumbria. The schools will vote for their top 3 books from the shortlist between now and May, and will come together for an Awards Day at the end of June where they will discuss the books and decide the winner.

The Devil’s Breath is my first book so this is really exciting news for me - to have been chosen is great.

So, we’ll see how we get on with the long listing for the Carnegie and the shortlisting for the Manchester Book Award, which is being presented very soon in a very glam ceremony in - where else - Manchester.

Good thing is that I actually go and visit these places. I can’t believe how Manchester has changed over the years - I used to go there when I was growing up in Liverpool - and I was there last year talking to schools.

So, a BIG Thank You to Cumbria for putting me on that list. I hope I get to go up there at some stage as it’s a stunning place and I think it might even have heavier rainfall than Dartmoor - if that’s possible.

A Spellbinding Award