• How do you break into a high security prison in the middle of nowhere?

    More importantly, how do you get out?

    “The Englishman is electrifying proof that high-tension international thrillers are back – and with an absolute vengeance.”

    William Shaw

    ‘Terrifying and engrossing… A superb thriller’


    ‘The pulse-pounding pace just never lets up’


    A sweat-inducing tour de force

    The Times
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The Englishman new review

The Englishman new review

Another excellent review for The Englishman, this time from the Financial Times. “There is also menace aplenty in THE ENGLISHMAN. Rarely…

The Englishman

The Englishman

Some excellent reviews coming in from readers and reviewers for The Englishman. Early days yet but a promising start. Here’s one from Love Reading…

Real Life Adventures

Real Life Adventures

​I was pleased to be asked to write a piece for Wilbur Smith’s real-life-adventures page. I thought a brief glimpse of one of my past lives…